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27 February 2017

We catch up with Rich from Jacques Cabin Furniture – a unique store where you can find one-off pieces of furniture handcrafted using reclaimed materials, now available on the online marketplace Little Piece of Cornwall.
Where do you salvage the materials used to create your vibrant furniture?

Before moving to Cornwall, I used to mainly work on house renovations and I was shocked by how much timber was just thrown away. So I started taking it home and re-using it to make furniture. We collect it whenever we come across anywhere that’s getting rid of anything that can be used again. It seems crazy to use new timber when there’s so much good quality timber that can be used again!
Is your house filled with your own work? Do you have any special one-off pieces on show?

Yes, it’s full of furniture I’ve made over the last 20 years or so. The Tallboy cupboard, which is our personal favourite, was the first Jacques Cabin prototype, which really got me started working in this style as we received so many positive comments from friends.
On average, how long does it take to make a bespoke piece of furniture? What makes up the process?

We make everything from mirrors that can be made in a few hours to kitchens, which can take between six and eight weeks! When a client approaches us there are normally a few discussions about the design, sizes and colours they want. I then draw up the design to make sure the client is happy before getting started in the workshop. One of my favourite parts of the whole process is giving the client information about the provenance of each piece of wood used.
Why did you join Little Piece of Cornwall?

We love where we live and work and wanted to be part of a marketplace that showcases the best Cornish products.
What inspires the unique style your furniture has?

I’ve always been impressed by furniture made out of necessity and with the materials someone has to hand at the time. For example, we came across some flooring removed from a Victorian house, which had previously been a shop sign before being repurposed to make floorboards. We will now use it to make cupboards… so that’s at least three uses for one lot of timber and it carries its history with each new use. Living by the sea does help to inspire some of our designs. Especially when you get a creative block as a dog walk on the beach helps to blow the cobwebs away!

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